POLE BASIX : Fundamentals pole class for beginners, spins, tricks and working towards choreography.


POLE TRIX: A barefoot class working on intermediate tricks, inversions, climbs, combos, techniques and choreo.


POLE XPERT: Advanced pole class, working on choreo and tricks like : Ayesha, handsprings, iron-X and more! For serious polers.


XOTIC POLE (all levels) : Bring your heels and knee pads for this exotic pole choreo class for all levels.


TWERX : Build a booty, and shake it! Twerk dance. Indoor running shoes or barefoot, knee pads.


BURLESQUE : Get your sexy on in Burlesque class. Playing with props, chairs, and floor-play.


TRIBAL FUSION: A Bellydance choreo class with serpentine movements. Belly dance with a modern twist.


DESI-FUSION:  A fusion of Indian dance choreography, drawing mostly from South Indian styles as well as Bollywood.


LYRA : A mix of Pole and Lyra (Aerial hoop) and Lollipop pole. Wear Shorts. Bring leggings.


AERIAL SILKS : Aerials class focusing on aerial silks + aerial hammock. Wear Leggings.


ACRO-KIDS : A circus inspired fun class for kids! Ages 4+. Playing with acrobatics, aerials and more.


XMA : Martial Arts class unlike any other! Build confidence, learning Self Defense, Strikes, Kicks, Combos, Shadow, Bag and Pad Work, Falls, Rolls, Traditional Forms, Fight Choreography.


FLEXY POLE : Take your flexibility to the next level. Gain flexibility and learn pole moves that will help your flexibility, improve your splits, back bends and more.