POLE : Small intimate group Pole Dance class. learn and strengthen fundamentals. Learn spins, tricks and choreography. Open to all levels, you will be instructed for your individual level.


TWERK TROUPE - BAD ASSASSINS : Build a booty, and shake it! Twerk dance. Indoor running shoes or barefoot, knee pads recommended. This class is for those who are dedicated to weekly practice and want to be in a dance team. We do group choreographies for performances as well as video projects. If you miss a class you can join online via zoom or request the recording to always stay up to date. Wear booty shorts or funky leggings, bare foot or with clean indoor running shoes. (50$/ Month Twerk Troupe Membership)


CIRCUS : Take your aerial skills to the next level with our circus class. Learn to flow and do tricks on lyra, lyra-pole, pole and aerials silks. Can wear leggings or shorts, t-shirt, tank top or sports bra. Avoid body lotion on the day of class. This class is usually barefoot.